Recording and playing audio can be useful if you want Misty to provide you feedback, give you notifications or just be your personal DJ. Audio also can enhance her personality and expressiveness, providing auditory cues and alerts.

There are a few limitations to consider when working with audio files:

  • Misty can't record longer than one minute

  • The maximum size of the file is 3MB

  • The file types supported are .wav, .mp3, .wma, .aac

Manage your audio

With these two blocks, you can upload an audio file directly from your computer. By clicking on the checkbox in the first block you will access your computer folders and be able to choose your audio. You always need to consider the limitations we wrote at the beginning of this paragraph. The default audio files will not be deleted.

Misty memorizes all the audio files you upload to her. With the second block, you will be able to delete a chosen audio file and free her memory.

Record audio

This block can be used to starts recording audio. Misty saves audio recordings in her local storage as .wav files. To stop recording, you must call the stop recording audio block. If you don't stop the "recording audio block" Misty will continue recording for 60 seconds.

You can name your audio file in the text field.

Play audio

With the first block, you can choose which audio to play and its volume. The volume range is 0 to 100.

With the second and the third block, you can pause or stop an audio file after a specific amount of time, similar to the stop speech block. The difference between the pause and the stop block is that if the audio is recalled the former will play the audio from the point it stopped before, the latter will play the audio again from the beginning.

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