👩‍💻Misty Studio

The Misty Studio is a graphical interface for exploring Misty's functionalities and learning how to code her in Blockly and Python. It's the best place to become familiar with the tools that you will need to use throughout your programming journey. Let's get you familiarized with how to navigate around Misty Studio!

Top Navigation

At the top of Misty Studio, you'll see several prominent elements.

  • From left to right, there's a slider to adjust the robot's audio volume.

  • Next to that slider is the Halt! button. This button immediately releases all of the robot's motors. You can think of this as the 'panic' button for when things don't go according to plan.

  • There's also a battery level indicator that shows the charge percentage. The battery indicator will change to green when the robot is charging.

  • Finally, furthest right you will find the Live Data button which will open a tab that gives you data from all of Misty's sensors.

Live Data

The live data tab is an extremely useful testing and diagnostic tool as it provides real-time information about the functionality of your sensors.. You can enable each sensor group individually to view your sensor data.

Left Navigation

On the left side of Misty Studio, you'll find the primary navigation. Each top level menu item is marked with an icon, and many expand to reveal additional items.

  • Wizard: Here you can try out Misty's capabilities, including moving her head and arms, enabling speech, expressions, locomotion and much more.

  • Explore: learn more about Misty's capabilities, how to use face training, audio localization, mapping and upload/download custom files.

  • Programming: here you can find the Blockly workspace, Python Interface , API Library, Skill manager and a link to developer documentation.

  • Tutorials: contains an expandable list of tutorial content that will change as new content is made available.

  • System: contains informational and diagnostic features that are sometimes useful, but won't be your go-to items in the beginning.

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