⚙️Arduino breadboard support

You can use Misty's Arduino backpack for all your projects but it was missing a fundamental piece: where can I put the breadboard?

On this page, you will be able to download the .stl files containing the models for 3D printing your Arduino breadboard support.

.stl files:

Assembly steps:

  1. Prep the Parts: Before glueing, lightly sand with sandpaper the surfaces you'll be joining on the bottom and middle sections. This creates a better bond. Sand the sides of the three middle blocks as well, for a smoother fit in the upper part.

  2. Assemble the Support: Once the surfaces are done, glue the bottom and middle sections together.

  3. Modify Current Misty's Trailer Hitch:

    • Remove the trailer hitch on Misty's back bottom.

    • Unscrew the bottom screw to remove the outer part of the trailer hitch.

    • Take your new 3D-printed piece and attach it to the trailer hitch using the same screw, just like the original piece.

  4. Attach:

    • Now that the support is complete, place the upper part on it.

Congratulations! You're all set to start building amazing projects with Misty and her Arduino Backpack. With your sensors connected to the breadboard, you can program Misty to track anything you desire, making her a fun and interactive companion!

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