🚨Misty Intruder Alert

In this project you can learn how to have Misty trigger an intruder alert if she doesn't recognize a person and send a message to your phone.

If Misty detects a face that's not stored in her memory, she will access your WhatsApp web and send a text message to your phone number saying: "Intruder!". If she does recognize the person, she will send the message "person_name is home!". Before executing the code, open https://web.whatsapp.com/ and log in with your phone number.

We will utilize the Python pywhatkit library for this purpose, which enables message sending on WhatsApp in a semi-automatic way. To install pywhatkit, use the following command line in your terminal: "pip install pywhatkit". Press enter and wait for the installation of all the required packages. Another required action prior to using Whatsapp is to train Misty on the faces you want her to recognize as friends (misty studio Explore>Vision>Train faces) and upload all the files you'll run in the code, both images and audio files (misty studio Explore>Expressions>Upload audio files or Upload images or videos).

Note: Sometimes the WhatsApp message might not be sent before the website closes. In that case, try running the code again. To reset Misty after running the code, you can access its Misty Studio and in the wizard section, click on the "Body Reset" action.

It can only be used in a desktop environment and is not compatible with the Misty Studio Python Interface, so before initiating, ensure you have all the necessary resources for the task.

from mistyPy.Robot import Robot
from mistyPy.Events import Events
import time
import pywhatkit
from datetime import datetime

misty = Robot("YOUR_IP_ADDRESS") #your Robot IP Address

def send_whatsapp_message(MyNumber, MyTextMessage): #function to send a message on WhatsApp
    myobj = datetime.now()
    pywhatkit.sendwhatmsg(MyNumber, MyTextMessage, myobj.hour, myobj.minute + 1, 10, True)

MyNumber = "___" #your phone number (don't forget to include the country code)


def recognized(data):
    if data["message"]["label"] == 'unknown person': #intruder
        misty.transition_led(255, 0, 0, 0, 0, 255, "Blink", 100)
        misty.move_arms(-80, -80)
        misty.speak("Intruder! Intruder!")
        misty.play_audio("Police Siren Sound Effect.mp3", 50)
        MyTextMessage = "Intruder!"
        send_whatsapp_message(MyNumber, MyTextMessage)
    else :
        misty.display_image("e_Joy2.jpg") #familiar face
        misty.change_led(0, 255, 0)
        for i in range (2):
            misty.move_arms(80, -80, 50, 50)
            misty.move_arms(80, 0, 50, 50)
        MyTextMessage = data["message"]["label"] + " is home!"
        send_whatsapp_message(MyNumber, MyTextMessage)

misty.register_event(event_name='face_recognition_event', event_type=Events.FaceRecognition, callback_function=recognized, keep_alive=False)

You can use this link to access the Police Siren Sound Effect.mp3 file https://youtu.be/HKieGUH9pzg

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